Lucifer Vol 4: The Devil at Heart

Av Neil Gaiman, Dan Watters

| Del 4 i serien Lucifer (2018) Collected Editions
Lucifer Vol 4: The Devil at Heart
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At long last, the Devil is going to Hell.

Still reeling in the aftermath of the Wild Hunt, the Lightbringer travels to the land of the dead and damned—but it’s hardly the only stop on his itinerary. Although he is immortal, there are other beings out there who are Endless—and Lucifer is prepared to trespass against them in order to get what he wants.

It is to the gardens of Destiny, elder brother of Dream, that Lucifer must finally go. And the consequences of his journey are so reality-shaking that not even Destiny himself can foresee the consequences.

The stage is set for the final step in Lucifer’s reemergence from the shadows into the light of the future…but will he be there to see it?

Find out in Lucifer Vol. 4: The Devil at Heart, the stunning conclusion to writer Dan Watters’s saga of God’s greatest angel—and enemy. Illustrated by Max and Sebastian Fiumara and guest artist Brian Level, this special volume collects the previously unpublished final five issues of Lucifer (#20-24) in their entirety.