Love, Factually

Av: Laura Mucha

Love, Factually
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Romantic love is something that poets and artists have been trying to explain and define for centuries, but it's still one of the most complicated and intimidating terrains to navigate - especially when you're directly involved. Psychologists see it as a basic human drive, yet most people are afraid to be open and honest about it, until now.
   For Love, Factually, hundreds of strangers in over 40 countries have come together to share their most personal stories, feelings and insights about love. These are incredibly frank, intimate and illuminating conversations, and author Laura Mucha has used these rare and varied insights as a springboard from which to dive into the subject of love, scrutinizing it from all angles - scientific, psychological, emotional and philosophical.
   Each chapter begins with a personal story from someone Laura has spoken with, and then goes on to explore the questions and themes that have arisen from the account, intertwining the opinions of other interviewees with the empirical findings and insights of academics. The interviews allow readers to connect with people of all backgrounds, cultures and ages. Sometimes they'll empathise, sometimes they'll be challenged and at other times they'll find comfort.
   Love, Factually combines academic theory with everyday experience, and is for anyone who is curious about how we, as humans, work when it comes to romantic love.

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