Lost Citadel RPG: A Setting Sourcebook for 5E

Green Ronin Press: Lost Citadel

| 2019
Lost Citadel RPG: A Setting Sourcebook for 5E
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Some say the doors to the Underworld flew from their hinges. Others believe that the god of the dead went mad. Whatever the cause, this is a setting where the dead have become Dead, and where all that`s left of civilization has gathered behind the walls of the world`s last bastion for the living, the city of Redoubt. Whether human, elf, dwarf, or monstrous ghul, all must survive the horror of this world overrn by death. The Lost Citadel is a transmedia world existing simultaneously as gaming, art, fiction, music, and more. Lost Citadel Roleplaying is Green Ronin`s full-faith effort to bring the world of The Lost Citadel into the newest edition of the world`s most popular roleplaying game.
   Damien Angelica Walters, and many more.