Little Moments of Love 2021 Daily Calendar

Catana Chetwynd

| 2020
Little Moments of Love 2021 Daily Calendar
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This funny desk calendar showcases a daily cartoon depicting a little moment of love to remind couples of similar times of their own. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband will love it.
   From Catana Chetwynd, today's most popular online relationship-comic artist, the calendar savors the simple joys of coupledom while simultaneously poking fun at silly relationship quirks. Whether in a new relationship or together for years, couples find these adorable comics extremely relatable, making them think, "OMG! That's just like us!
   Features Include:
   Deluxe day-to-day format in upscale packaging
   Sturdy hardcover wraps around to create an easel stand
   Perforated pages rip off cleanly
   Blank reverse pages--perfect for lists or scrawling a love note to your LOML
   Official major world holidays