King in Black: Avengers

Av Ed Brisson, Tini Howard, Geoffrey Thorne

King in Black: Avengers
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Knull’s invasion tests Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to their limits! T’Challa’s most treasured allies have been lost — and once again, the Black Panther must choose between his role as a king and the yearnings of his heart! Captain America, aided by the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, faces a brutal battle against
darkness! Knull raises fresh hell for Ghost Rider! Joe Fixit is out to make sure this is the best holiday the Hulk’s ever had — he just has to fight his way
through a planet of symbiotes first! Iron Man and Doctor Doom are forced together to battle an all-too-familiar specter of the festive season! And on vacation in the Shi’ar galaxy, newlyweds Wiccan and Hulkling face a honeymoon to die for!

COLLECTING: King in Black: Black Panther (2021) 1, King in Black: Captain America (2021) 1, King in Black: Ghost Rider (2021) 1, King in Black: Immortal Hulk (2021) 1, King in Black: Iron Man/Doom (2021) 1, King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling (2021) 1


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