Kemono Jihen: The Complete Series

Blu-ray: Anime, Skräck

| 2021
Kemono Jihen: The Complete Series
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All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the manga by Sho Aimoto. Kohachi Inugami (voice of Junichi Suwabe) is an occult detective sent to a small village to investigate rotting livestock corpses. He finds Kabane Kusaka (Natsumi Fujiwara), a boy who is part human and part ghoul, and together they solve the case.

Kabane then joins the detective agency and they continue to work together, resolving problems between humans and Kemono. The episodes are: 'Kabane', 'The Kemonoist', 'Foxes', 'Mission', 'Intrusion', 'Awakening', 'Home', 'Truth', 'Family', 'Twins', 'Memories' and 'Kemono Incidents'.


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