Kabuki Omnibus Vol 4

Av David Mack

| Del 4 i serien Kabuki Omnibus
Kabuki Omnibus Vol 4
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The Noh operatives believe Kabuki has gone rogue and is now deemed a liability. With instructions to infiltrate the Control Corps installation, they have one goal: find Kabuki. If shes dead, bring back her corpse. If shes alive...bring back her corpse. Kabuki's fellow assassins take center-stage and face the cost of being an agent of Noh.

This edition collects the original Kabuki: Masks of the Noh and Kabuki: Scarab in an easy to read trade paper back. With extras! Includes David's work with Tim Bradstreet, Rick Mays, Michael Avon Oeming and more! Perfect for old and new fans of David Mack and the Kabuki series!

Immerse yourself in the inspiration for Sonys upcoming Kabuki television series!


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