Kabuki Omnibus Vol 3

Av David Mack

| Del 3 i serien Kabuki Omnibus
Kabuki Omnibus Vol 3
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Immerse yourself in the inspiration for Sony's upcoming Kabuki television series!
A young woman code name, "Kabuki" works as a government operative in near-future Japan. After a daring escape from her former agency in the clandestine organization known as "The Noh", Kabuki comes face to face with her true calling...and a revolution of the mind led by the mysterious Akemi Network!
This edition collects the original Kabuki: The Alchemy in an easy to read trade paperback. Includes David's work with Neil Gaiman, Tori Amos, new Kabuki stories from Dark Horse Presents, & the multi-Eisner nominated Lil Kabuki in Dreamland, & more stories.
Loaded with extra material! New pages, commentary, art, and text! Perfect for old and new fans of David Mack and the Kabuki series!


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