Justice League Odyssey Vol 4: Last Stand

Av Dan Abnett

| Del 4 i serien Justice League Odyssey Collected Editions
Justice League Odyssey Vol 4: Last Stand
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Darkseid triumphant!

The Justice League Odyssey team makes its final stand against one of the biggest threats in the Mutlvierse—Darkseid.

After fully regaining all of his immense power and corrupting former Justice League members such as Cyborg and Starfire, the dark lord of Apokolips makes an all-out assault on the remaining heroes. To prevent him from returning the planet he rules to reality. Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, New God Orion, and Red Lantern Dex-Starr recruit a new team of oddballs, including a time-traveler with the power to save or destroy all of existence.

With an expolsive ending that leads into Starfire and Cyborg's Dark Nights: Death Metal appearance, this outer space adventure sets new courses for all the characters involved.

Writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Aquaman) brings Justice League Odyssey to a close alongside artists Will Conrad (Cyborg) and Cliff Richards (Lobo). Collects issues #19-25.