Jupiter's Legacy Vol 5

Av Mark Millar

| Del 5 i serien Jupiter's Legacy Graphic Novels
Jupiter's Legacy Vol 5
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Jupiter’s Legacy is Netflix's latest global sensation, season one launching higher than any superhero series in history and remaining the world’s #1 most watched show every day for the entire launch week. Now the sequel is finally here, continuing the story of Chloe and Hutch and their doomed romance, their children now grown up and making all the same mistakes as their parents. But what was the mysterious island that called to their parents in 1929, promising them super-powers, and why has it appeared on other worlds too?

Collecting the first six issues of Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem, this volume marks the return of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely masterpiece. Art for these six chapters has been beautifully painted by Tommy Lee Edwards as the greatest superhero story ever told draws to a bloodthirsty close.



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