Irregular at Magic High School Light Novel 14

Av Kana Ishida, Tsutomu Satou

| Del 14 i serien Irregular at Magic High School Light Novels
Irregular at Magic High School Light Novel 14
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Two months have passed since the nefarious events surrounding the latest Nine School Competition, and its cerebral counterpart, the Thesis Competition, is fast approaching. Helping out First High with the event, Tatsuya will surely have his work cut out for him even if everything goes according to plan. Of course, nothing ever does, which might explain the letter from Maya Yotsuba containing a curious request: to assist in the capture of Gongjin Zhou, one of the masterminds behind the recent Parasidoll incident. Tatsuya and Miyuki depart for Kyoto, where they'll have to keep their wits about them to safely navigate the hidden schemes and shadowy conflicts that lurk just beneath the surface of the ancient capital!


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