Inferno Presents: The Emperor's Finest

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Inferno Presents: The Emperor's Finest
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A great collection of stories showcasing existing and new Black Library authors.

From the warrior orders of the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas to the noble houses of Rogue Traders and Imperial Knights, the Imperium of Man has long been safeguarded by elite organisations that ensure the continued survival of the Emperor’s vast domain. This special volume of Inferno! contains twelve thrilling short stories featuring such examples of the Emperor’s finest.

Blighted Sun by Marc Collins
Sword-Brother Adhemar of the Black Templars recounts the deeds of his squad on Mytra, as he and several of his zealous brethren seek to disrupt a world-ending ritual. The grim Space Marines face hordes of vicious daemons that require all of their faith and martial skill to overcome.

Fidelis Ad Mortem by Jude Reid
Sister Superior Zillah of the Order of the Bloody Rose faces a lofty challenge. Commanding a disparate, untested squad of Battle Sisters, she must board a doomed Pilgrim vessel, the very place where her mentor perished, and recover a sacred Simulacrum Imperialis. But the ship crawls with enemies, and the smallest failure will result in death…

Cargo by Chris Wraight
On Cadia, a series of individuals desperately transport a precious, mysterious cargo across the world’s surface as it crumbles under the might of Abaddon the Despoiler. Will the cargo prove to be worth the sacrifice of so many brave men and women?


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