I Can Draw Manga

Marc Powell & David Neal

I Can Draw Manga
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In this stylishly packaged, full-colour book you'll find everything you need to know about drawing Japanese manga characters - from cute chibi fairies and mini-monsters to goliath samurais and action heroines. Whatever your ability, I Can Draw Manga will teach you to create dynamic and unique figures by following its step-by-step drawing projects.
   By following broken-down examples and using the practice grids inside, you will learn:
   How to use basic tools and materials
   How to identify and draw different manga styles, such as shojo, kodomo and shonen
   Techniques to draw faces, expressions and basic anatomy
   Proportions and poses
   Adding dynamic movement, including punches and power kicks
   Within no time you will be able to create your own mechanical mecha characters or spectacular dragons and bring your stories to life.