Humans 3.0

Genre: DVD: Science Fiction

| 2018 | Del 3 av 3 i serien Humans
Humans 3.0
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All eight episodes from the third series of the sci-fi drama set in an alternate future where families use lifelike androids, known as synths, as their robotic house servants. In this series, a year down the line since the synths obtained consciousness, they must fight for their own survival against their human counterparts who now resent the synths for their accountability in the deaths of 110,000 humans. A new generation of orange-eyed, non-sentient synths has been distributed to inherit the roles of their rogue predecessors, but tensions continue to rise as a synth terrorist group takes retributive action against the mistreatment of sentient synths.
   - DVD region 2. Import från England.
   - Språk: engelska
   - Text: ej svensk text.
   - Skådespelare: Gemma Chan, Colin Morgan