Hive Scum

Figurspel: Figurer: Warhammer: 40.000

| 2018
Hive Scum
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The Outcast Gangs of Necromunda are made up of the scum of the underworld. These individuals have broken free from the constraints of the social hierarchy to take a risky and often deadly path.
Hive scum are everywhere, and are often hired by more established gangs in need of cannon fodder, or organized into full-fledged Underhive Outcasts gangs that battle the legendary Houses of Necromunda for territory and scraps of loot, among other things.
This box allows you to assemble 4 plastic figures to add to your Outcasts or House gang, with a wide range of customization options, including 10 weapons and 8 different heads.
The kit consists of 32 plastic pieces, with which you can assemble 4 Hive Scum, and comes with 4 25mm round Citadel bases from Necromunda. These figures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


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