Heroes of the Empire

Av Chris Wraight

Heroes of the Empire
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A fantastic collection of classic stories about the righteous armies of the Empire set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.
The Empire is besieged. Countless enemies batter the border of Sigmar's mighty nation, seeking to tear down its cities and murder its inhabitants. Standing against them are an array of brave men and women, united in their defiance and led by true heroes. In the wilderness of Averland, Kurt Helborg, Marshal of the Reiksguard, holds the province together in his iron grip. On the frontiers, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Emperor's Champion, must halt the unstoppable onslaught of the Greenskins, while in the Drakwald Forest, Luthor Huss, warrior priest of Sigmar, fights a tide of undead that threatens to sweep away all before it. But, more insidious enemies lurk within the shadows. Witch hunters and spies are the only remedy to such poisons, and none are more accomplished than Lukas Eichmann and Pieter Verstohlen, whose individual quests find them on the trail of ruthless murders and labyrinthine conspiracies that threaten to tear the nation asunder. Will these heroes triumph, or will the myriad evils of the Old World bring ruin to the hope of humanity?
This omnibus contains the novels Sword of Justice, Sword of Vengeance and Luthor Huss and the short stories `Feast of Horrors', 'Duty and Honour' and 'The March of Doom', by Chris Wraight.