Heart and Brain 2021 Wall Calendar

The Awkward Yeti

| 2020
Heart and Brain 2021 Wall Calendar
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The Heart and Brain 2021 Calendar features two new comics from the Heart and Brain collection each month that charmingly highlight the inner debates between impulse and planning, passion and reason, work and play.
   Pay taxes or dance with kittens? Go to work or start a band? Everyone can relate to the ongoing struggle between heart and brain. Those internal clashes are carried on hilariously in the Heart and Brain comics of Nick Seluk, creator of the popular and beloved website TheAwkwardYeti.com. Warm-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny, these comics bring our familiar, inner duels to vibrant, humorous life all year long.
   OBS! Import från USA, kalendern har amerikanska helgdagar och börjar veckorna med söndag.