Harry Potter Severus Snape Nendoroid

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Harry Potter Severus Snape Nendoroid
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Official figure of Severus Snape in ABS/PVC about 10 centimeters high. It is from the Nendoroid collection.

In the world of Harry Potter, the charismatic, tortured and mysterious Severus Snape (Snape) is a character who questions our apprentice wizards about the motivations and especially, the camp that could be part of Severus ... However, and as they say, we can not trust the appearance, Severus seems evil and on the side of Lord Voldemort, he is a valuable ally of the Hogwarts school and an important teacher for Harry and his friends. This Nendoroid figurine allows us to discover the defense professor against the forces of evil in a very cute format. He has various accessories and faces like his magic wand, a cauldron and a potion.