Hand Shakers Complete Series

Blu-ray + DVD: Anime

Hand Shakers Complete Series
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Hand Shakers contains episodes 1-12.
Fighting for the chance to confront God is hard enough, but high school student and genius mechanic Tazuna has it tougher than most. When he happens to hold hands with a girl in a lab, the two form the contract of Hand Shakers-couples who must fight in otherworldly battles to have a wish granted by God. There's just one catch: Tazuna's partner, Koyori, will die if she lets go of his hand.
- Blu-ray och DVD region A/1. Import från USA
- Språk: japanska, engelska
- Text: engelska. Ej svensk text.
- Regi: Jerry Jewell
- Skådespelare: Justin Briner, Lara Woodhull, Alejandro Saab


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