Gurren Lagann Complete Series

Blu-ray: Anime

| Del 1 av 3 i serien Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann Complete Series
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The complete Japanese anime series set in a future world where humans have been forced to live in underground villages by an evil ruler. Friends Simon and Kamina are part of a gang called Team Gurren, who are attempting to reach the surface of the Earth. When a Gunman begins to attack their village, the two boys meet a girl from above named Yoko, and the trio join forces to fight their way to the world overhead.
Earth is full of enemy Gunmen, however, and defeating them proves to be a very dangerous mission...
Innehåller alla 27 avsnitt.
- Europeisk blu-ray B/2. Import från England
- Format: 16:9
- Ljud: 2.0
- Språk: engelska, japanska
- Text: engelska, ej svensk text

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DVD (2014)
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