Green Arrow Vol 7: Citizen's Arrest

Julie Benson & Shawn Benson

| Del 7 av 8 i serien Green Arrow Rebirth Collections
Green Arrow Vol 7: Citizen's Arrest
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The Emerald Archer returns to save the citizens of a war-torn city in this newest installment of Green Arrow from horror novelist Benjamin Percy!
   From New York Times best-selling writer Scott Snyder, the Justice League's journey continues.
   While the rest of the Justice League battled for the fate of Atlantis during the "Drowned Earth" saga, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl journeyed through space to Thanagar Prime, the planet better known as Hawkworld!
   The Guardians of the Universe have buried a vault of top-secret intelligence there, but why? As our heroes search for answers, John Stewart's new ultraviolet powers will be tested. Kendra Saunders will learn of her ancient connection to Shayera Hol--the Hawkgirl of this faraway world. And the intertwined pasts of J'onn J'onzz and Lex Luthor will be revealed. Meanwhile, the crumbling of the Source Wall threatens to bring the whole Multiverse collapsing down around them!
   Now friends and foes alike must come together to solve the riddles of Hawkworld, or all of creation will come apart...
   Collects Justice League #13-18 and Justice League Annual #1.