The Flash Vol 12: Death and the Speed Force

Av Joshua Williamson

| Del 12 i serien The Flash Rebirth Collections
The Flash Vol 12: Death and the Speed Force
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With renewed resolve following the events of The Flash: Year One, the Flash is back with a new mission, a new outlook, and a brand-new speedster headquarters. But the Fastest Man Alive is slowing down--and there's only one explanation: the Speed Force is dying.

The Strength, Sage, and Still Forces have placed a dangerous strain on the force that empowers the DC Universe's super-speedsters, and the Flash is about to face an impossible task: to save his friends' lives, but at the cost of losing his powers forever. Can he convince his fellow speedsters to find a cure for the dying Speed Force, or will it disappear for good?

Check out this action-packed adventure in The Flash Vol. 12: Death and the Speed Force. Written by Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad), with art by Rafa Sandoval (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Catwoman) and Jordi Tarragona (Green Lantern, X-Men Legacy), this volume collects The Flash #76-81.