Fire! Fire! Fire Fighters!


| 2020
Fire! Fire! Fire Fighters!
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Barnspel för 2-4 spelare från 5 år. Speltid 10-15 min. Regler på engelska.
   Players need to race their firetrucks through town in order to reach the fire first, but they can't be so reckless that they lose their firefighters along the way!
   On a turn, each player reveals a location card, then arranges the town cards and firetruck tile in their starting locations. Each player then reveals a card showing the two firefighters that didn't make it onto the firetruck in time, and at this point players race to put the proper firefighter tokens onto their truck, then race their truck through town - placing a finger on the wooden dowel that fills a hole in their firetruck tile - to park next to both the hydrant and location on fire without losing any firefighters on the way. Whoever does this first claims their location card, and whoever collects the most cards wins!