Fiasco (Revised) RPG - Build a Fiasco Expansion Pack

Rollspel: Regler: Fiasco

| 2020
Fiasco (Revised) RPG - Build a Fiasco Expansion Pack
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Make your own disaster! Level up your Fiasco experience by authoring your own custom cards! This expansion includes two blank decks, everything you need to customize your favorite Playset or to build your own glorious Fiasco from the ground up! Add a little local color, tune it to your particularly questionable taste, or create something entirely new.
In each deck you'll find a complete set of pre-labeled, Fiasco-standard Relationship, Need, Object, and Location cards, all waiting for your bad ideas! Fiasco straight out of the box is fun, but a Fiasco Playset you write yourself- or in collaboration with your local gang of rascals-is something else entirely.


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