Farewell to the Liar

Av D. K. Fields

| Del 3 av 3 i serien Tales of Fenest
Farewell to the Liar
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There's power in stories.
But power comes at a price.

Detective Cora Gorderheim is a detective no longer. Stripped of her badge by the corrupt chief inspector, Cora's job now is to protect her sister, Ruth, the new Wayward storyteller.

Ruth must tell her tale of the Tear widening if people are to know the truth of what's happening in the Union of Realms. But Lowlander Chambers Morton wants the Wayward to change their election story, and will stop at nothing to achieve this – including murder.

Keeping Ruth alive in Fenest is hard enough, but when the sisters set sail for West Perlanse, the dangers come thick and fast. And slowly Cora realises she must make a terrible choice: her sister's life, or the future of the Union.

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