Eromanga Sensei, Volume 1 (Blu-ray)

Genre: DVD: Anime (Europa)

| Del 1 av 2 i serien Eromanga Sensei
Eromanga Sensei, Volume 1
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First six episodes of the Japanese anime based on the light novel series by Tsukasa Fushimi. Masamune Izumi (voice of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) is a high school student who writes novels, collaborating with anonymous illustrator Eromanga Sensei. However, when he finds success with his latest novel series, Masamune is shocked to discover Eromanga Sensei is really his 12-year-old foster sister Sagiri (Akane Fujita).
   The episodes are: 'My Little Sister, and the Sealed Room', 'Class Rep With a Normie Life, and a Fearless Fairy', 'Buck Naked Mansion and the Fallen Master', 'Eromanga Sensei', 'Let's Make a Light Novel Plan With My Little Sister' and 'Masamune Izumi and the Nemesis of Ten Million Copies'.
   - Blu-ray B/2. Import från England.
   - Format: 16:9 1080p HD
   - Ljud: 2.0
   - Språk: japanska
   - Text: engelska