Durarara Light Novel Vol 5

Av Ryohgo Narita, Akiyo Satorigi

| Del 5 i serien Durarara Light Novels
Durarara Light Novel Vol 5
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Ikebukuro, Tokyo. All kinds of people are showing up to settle their scores with Izaya Orihara the information broker. A pair of foreigners who specialize in odd jobs. A runaway girl still looking for her Shizuo. A fellow dressed like a bartender who looks like he's had better days. A womanizer set on getting his revenge against the Dollars. An underground doctor waiting for someone to come home. A class representative with a clueless classmate pal and a target on his back. And a headless rider who can't help getting sucked into trouble. Question is, is this spring break something special, or is this just business as usual in Ikebukuro?