Digimon: Frontier, Season 4

DVD: Anime

| 2002 | Del 4 av 4 i serien Digimon: Digital Monsters
Digimon: Frontier, Season 4
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All 50 episodes from the fourth season of the anime in which a group of children are snatched from Earth and transported to a bizarre digital world populated by strange creatures. Armed with powerful Digivices and aided by friendly Digital Monsters known as Digimon, the children must confront a dark menace that threatens the Digiworld and, ultimately, Earth itself.
The episodes are: 'All Aboard!', 'Lobomon: Warrior of Light', 'Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire', 'Kazemon Kicks It', 'Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon', 'A Molehill Out of a Mountain', 'Island of Misfit Boys', 'Odd One Out', 'Welcome to My Nightmare', 'Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down', 'A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon', 'Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles', 'Better an Egg Than an Egg Shell', 'No Whamon', 'Beastie Girl', 'The Swiss Family Digimon', 'Bizarre Bazaar', 'Trailmon Vs Trailmon', 'You Want Fries With That?', 'From Dawn to Duskmon', 'Darkest Before Duskmon', 'Home Again, Takuya Returns', 'Sockit Takuya', 'Alone But Never Alone', 'The Dark Heart of Friendship', 'Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure', 'Stuck in Sakkakumon With You', 'Darkness Before the Dawn', 'Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon', 'O, Brother, Who Art Thou?', 'Workin' On the Train Gang', 'My Brother in Spirit', 'Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet', 'Operation: Free Ophanimon', 'Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution', 'Ice Ice Baby', 'Cherubimania', 'It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears', 'The Man in the Moon Is You', 'The Bully Pulpit', 'Jerks and the Beanstalk', 'Glean Eggs and Scram', 'Bad to the Bones', 'Now You See It, Now You Don't', 'All Aboard the Tag Team Express', 'To Make the World Go Away', 'When Knights Fall...', 'The Brothers Yin and Yang', 'Lucemon On the Loose' and 'End of the Line'.


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