Av Seanan McGuire

| 2023
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Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Oddities. During the Omnic Crisis, the people of our world were scattered, devastated . . . but heroes from around the globe answered the call. Overwatch offered a beacon of hope to weary survivors looking to reclaim and rebuild our war-torn world. After the Crisis had abated, their role expanded to help humanity solve some of the planet’s most dire problems and usher in a new age of hope and prosperity. And yet, just as Overwatch hit its prime, it fell victim to its own power, and was disbanded. But years later, amidst a rising tide of injustice, the heroes of Overwatch stand strong, ready to fight for a better tomorrow.

Now fans can trace the history of Overwatch in this comprehensive volume, packed with declassified mission briefings, splash artwork, weapon schematics, and more.


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