Darling in the Franxx, Part One

Blu-ray: Anime

| 2018 | Del 1 av 2 i serien Darling in the Franxx
Darling in the Franxx, Part One
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The first 12 episodes from the Japanese anime set in a dystopian future where adults and children live in different mobile cities. Hiro (voice of Yuto Uemura) and his classmates must operate giant robots known as Franxx by working in unison with a partner of the opposite sex in order to defeat the threat from monsters known as Klaxosaurs.
The episodes are: 'Alone and Lonesome', 'What It Means to Connect', 'Fighting Puppet', 'Flap Flap', 'Your Thorn, My Badge', 'DARLING in the FRANXX', 'Shooting Star Moratorium', 'Boys x Girls', 'Triangle Bomb', 'The City of Eternity', 'Partner Shuffle' and 'The Garden Where It All Began'.

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DVD (2019)
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