Dark Souls Trilogy Archive of the Fire

Dark Souls

| 2018
Dark Souls Trilogy Archive of the Fire
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The ultimate memorandum that summarizes the "Dark Souls" trilogy! This is a book to present to people who want to learn the lore of the "link the fire" in the Dark Souls trilogy. It approaches numerous stories existing in the shadow of the fire.
   þ Location - stage exploration
   Looking back on the area of each stage and its many deaths, with extensive pictures.
   þ Dialog - conversation
   This covers all the people who you meet in the process of the story. Two languages are recorded in Japanese and English. By reading those, new knowledge will be obtained.
   þ Drifters - other projects
   It includes all the setting materials of the DLC "Artorias of the Abyss". Through this book, you'll get a lot of unique information provided by the editorial department staff. Delve into the world of Dark Souls with this must-have publication.