Control Group

Arc Dream Publishing: Delta Green

| 2019
Control Group
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The team behind the multiple ENnie Award-winning Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game presents a collection of adventures to introduce new players to Delta Green. Four scenarios lead players to heights of terror. BLACKSAT follows a team of elite NASA pilots and a pair of strange civilians into space in 2010. They may discover truths about mathematics and physics beyond all human wonder and fear. Night Visions follows a Marine squad in Afghanistan in 2011. A diplomatic patrol takes them into Gath Valley, a corner of the country that everyone tries to ignorea valley of deep shadows, blinding sun, and endless hungers. In Sick Again, a team from the Centers for Disease Control flies to rural Arizona to investigate a strange viral outbreak. That takes them to unnatural threats beyond time itself. Wormwood Arena brings together survivors from the prior adventures as Delta Green recruits. A harmless-seeming Kansas cults new pamphlet sports a sigil of unnatural portent. The Agents must investigate the cult, perhaps even infiltrate it, and stop a catastrophic incursion before it begins. Delta Green: Control Group is written by Greg Stolze and Shane Ivey, and illustrated by Dennis Detwiller. Hardback, full color, 192 pages.