Codex: Space Wolves (2018)

Figurspel: Regler: Warhammer 40.000

| 2018
Codex: Space Wolves (2018)
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From their unassailable polar stronghold, the Fang, on the frozen death world of Fenris, the Space Wolves cast off into the Sea of Stars seeking out Mankind's most vicious enemies to defeat in glorious battle. Each Space Wolf is a warrior of legend whose heroic deeds are recorded in epic sagas. They are Space Marines, the deadly creations of the Emperor and the genetic heirs of the Primarch Leman Russ. As the Imperium shudders under the weight of invasion, the Space Wolves are needed more than ever to drive back the endless hordes of piratical xenos, foul warp-spawn and loathsome heretics.

Codex: Space Wolves contains a wealth of background and rules - the definitive book for Space Wolves collectors. Within this 144-page hardback##