Caturday (5e)
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Swashbuckling anthropomorphic cat people battle hobgoblins to regain control of their homeland. Refugee strays scrape what lives they can from the slums of foreign cities. Temple cats live as guests in the sanctuaries of other race's pantheons. These are some of the stories of the Caturday. Cast out of their own homeland, forced to wander the world, these mystical, luxury-loving Caturday make fine adventurers.
   Plus, you know, you get to play a cat.
   Weird Races takes a different approach to races in 5e games. In addition to the racial traits and statistics, backgrounds and cleric domains, feats and equipment, Weird Races provides the cultural background to bring the most out of these numbers. More than just a few pages of rules, Weird Races is an ethnography, a story of a people, presenting everything from government to food ways, art to religion, family life and material culture. Written by award winning author and anthropologist Ken Spencer, Caturday is the first in our Weird Races series.
   Caturday offers:
   Complete stats for the Caturday race compatible with 5e
   7 new backgrounds such as Circus Cat, Stray Cat, and Temple Cat designed for Caturday but useable by any race
   5 new cleric domains, including The Hunt, Kingship, and Secrets Caturday specific feats and character options
   A history of the Caturday
   Cultural data, what do Caturday eat? How are their families
   organized? What does their music sound like?
   The Caturday Pantheon
   Det här är alltså tänkt att användas till DnD 5th Edition, även om det är publicerat av ett annat företag.
   Wizards of the Coast: Dungeons & Dragons


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