Can Badge Collection BuddyColle Ver.

Accessoar: SPY x FAMILY

Can Badge Collection BuddyColle Ver.
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Enjoy the relationships of the Forger family in badge form, together with an all new illustration of Yor and Yuri.

Anya Forger & Loid Forger
Anya Forger & Yor Forger
Loid Forger & Yor Forger
Anya Forger & Chimera
Anya Forger & Penguin
Anya Forger & Damian Desmond
Yor Forger & Yuri Briar
Anya Forger, Loid Forger & Yor Forger

Tin Badge. Approx. 55mm in Size. (Approx 5 cm diameter)
Total of Eight to Collect.


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