Bystander 27

Av Rik Hoskin

| 2020
Bystander 27
Det här är en butiksvara. Den kan endast köpas i våra fysiska butiker, inte beställas via näthandeln. Använd gärna funktionen Hämta i butik för att boka din vara för avhämtning i butik.
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A background character in a comic book suspects that he is just a plaything of minds beyond his comprehension. When cruel fate throws his life into turmoil, he vows to get his revenge on the people who dictate his life - even if it means reaching out of his world and into ours.
He doesn't know it, but ex-Navy SEAL Jon Hayes is just a background figure in a comic book, a shocked face drawn by an artist. But when his pregnant wife and unborn daughter are senselessly killed as collateral damage during a super-powered battle, Hayes seeks to find out why.
Tracking the movements of the colorful heroes in his fictional world, Hayes searches for a pattern to their constant stream of action and pathos. Theorizing that there's something bigger behind it all, Hayes vows to uncover who calls the shots, who's manipulating the costumed battles, and to exact his vengeance for the pain that they have inflicted on him.


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