Batgirl Vol 5: Art of the Crime

Av Mairghread Scott

| Del 5 i serien Batgirl Rebirth Collections
Batgirl Vol 5: Art of the Crime
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Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, is heading home to Gotham City, ready to confront her personal life. But the villainous art thief, Grotesque, has other plans for her.

During a high-speed chase with the murderous Grotesque, the villain K.O.s Batgirl with a souped-up stun gun that temporarily fries the device implanted in her spine. (That thing that helps her, you know, walk and be Batgirl?) Babs finds herself in for a whole new world of hurt now that old wounds have been opened up--and so does Grotesque.

Writer Mairghread Scott (Transformers) takes the reins of this best-selling series with artist Paul Pelletier (The New 52's Aquaman) as they immerse Batgirl in the midst of a thrilling murder mystery in Gotham!

Collects Batgirl #26-29, Batgirl Annual #2 plus an 8 page story from Batgirl #25


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