Age of Towers

Asmodee Editions

| 2018
Age of Towers
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You`ve just found a mine filled with precious energy crystals! Precisely those you use for your daily magic. The problem here is that you`ve also stumbled onto a horde of monsters! And to make things even worse, three other cities seem to have discovered the existence of your mine as well. As they rush into danger to mine the precious crystals, you have no choice but to join in the fray. Age of Towers brings the exciting gameplay of your favorite tower defense games onto the tabletop! Playable either solo or with up to four players, Age of Towers sees you and your opponents competing to defend your cities against the oncoming wave of monsters by constructing defenses, placing traps, and funneling those beasts towards your opponents`cities! Earn prestige by collecting more resources than your opponents, at the key-moments of the game and at the end. 2-4 spelare från 10 år. Speltid 30 minuter. Regler på engelska.