Adventures in Film: The Storyboards of Terry Gilliam

Av: Fionnuala Halligan

Adventures in Film: The Storyboards of Terry Gilliam
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One of cinema's true visionaries, Terry Gilliam has made some of the most imaginative and visually captivating movies in modern cinema. Now, for the first time, a selection of Gilliam's hand-drawn storyboards, which he creates for each of his films, are brought together in one book. The storyboards are accompanied by sketches and annotations by Gilliam, giving a unique insight into his creative processes and personal experiences in the making of each film.
   Covering Gilliam's entire solo directorial career to date, including the aborted Good Omens and 2018's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, this 256-page volume captures all the anarchy and incredible inventiveness of a rare filmmaking talent.