Fabian Nicieza


Fabian Nicieza: Azrael Vol 1: Angel in the Dark

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Azrael Vol 1: Angel in the Dark  179:-
kategori: Batman
In this title collecting the first six issues of the new Azrael series, a hired killer comes to Gotham City seeking revenge for crimes committed decades in the past, and Azrael faces an impossible conflict: What if God's justice forces the hero to claim one of God's servants? läs mer
Album från DC Comics, 144 sidor. 

Fabian Nicieza: Deadpool & Cable Omnibus

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Deadpool & Cable Omnibus  1099:-
kategori: Marvel Comics
Wade Wilson is Deadpool, the mentally disturbed merc with a mouth and a healing factor that just won't quit! Nathan Summers is Cable, the messianic mutant from the future who plans to save us all - whether we want him to or not! And now, this disparate duo has just become Marvel's oddest couple - because they're stuck with one another! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with high-rech weaponry coexist without driving each other... läs mer
Inbundet album från Marvel Books, 1272 sidor. 

Fabian Nicieza: Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 1

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Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 1  399:-
kategori: Marvel Comics
Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers, Marvel's mightiest mutant mercs, are back, and this time they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponry live together without driving each other crazy?! Action, adventure, black humor, black-ops, face-changing viruses, gratuitous France-bashing, and lots of gunfire mark the return of two of Marvel's fan-favorite anti-heroes! Collects Cable & Deadpool... läs mer
Album från Marvel Books, 424 sidor.  Tillfälligt slut.

Fabian Nicieza: Deadpool vs The Marvel Universe

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Deadpool vs The Marvel Universe  249:-
kategori: Marvel Comics
Den snabbkäftade Deadpool färdas genom rumtiden och ger sig såväl i lag med som mot en uppsjö superpersonligheter, som Wolverine, Dr Strange och The Fantastic... Eight? With his best pal gone, Deadpool continues his trek through time and space, spreading friendship and mercenary whoop-&*$ throughout the cosmos. Featuring titanic team-ups with Wolverine, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Brother Voodoo,... läs mer
Album från Marvel Books, 192 sidor. 


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